San Jamar

The leader in toilet partitions and high quality commercial restroom accessories.

BobrickKoala Youtube 

The highest quality compostable can liners and cutlery.  Cedar Grove and BPI Compostable Certifications. 

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Top quality hand hygiene.  Foam and liquid products with quality dispensing equipment.  Kutol Youtube

Commercial floor cleaning equipment.  Henry canister vacuum, Twin Tec auto scrubbers, Duplex floor cleaner and more.  NACE Youtube 

Phenolic lockers and benches.  Where style meets durability. 

Unique odor control solutions for restrooms, lobby’s, patient rooms and common areas. Wave urinal screen, Easy Fresh, P-Shield. Fresh Youtube

Complete line of trigger sprayers, bottles, bowl mops, and cleaning accessories. 

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Americo Manufacturing
Golden Star Inc.
Revolution Bag

High quality window washing products.  Squeegees, strip washers, extension poles, and AquaClean.

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Tradex Gloves

AAMCO is an industry leader in quality and durable metal and stainless partitions.  

Koala Kare
Tolco Corporation

Best quality mats in the industry.  Scraper, Wiper, Interior, Logo and Anti-Fatigue.  M+A Matting Vimeo 


Industries best and most complete line of disposable gloves and personal protection equipment.

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Pioneer Eclipse
NaceCare Solutions

Corporate Office   206-243-7713

Lambswool and feather dusters and related cleaning accessories. 

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Top quality cleaning and maintenance products including brooms, brushes, waste containers, tilt trucks, and color coded solutions.  Carlisle Youtube

Top quality micro lined replacement vacuum bags and filters for commercial vacuums.  The best filtration at an affordable price. 

Kutol Hand Hygiene Specialists
Carlisle Sanitary Maintenance Products

Accessible Bathrooms and Changing Tables

Pressalit Youtube

The leaders in stabilized hydrogen peroxide cleaners and sanitizers.

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Fresh Products

Sustainable, high quality floor and hand pads, cleaning accessories and entrance matting. 

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Lambskin Specialties

Sustainable trash can liners made from up to 94% post-consumer plastic. 

Rev Bag Youtube

Universal towel and tissue cabinets and food safety solutions. 

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The industry standard baby changing station and child protection products. 

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Best in class propane burnishers, concrete polishing equipment, floor finishes, and related cleaners. 

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The best in the industry! Wet mops, dust mops, microfiber, and cleaning accessories. 

Golden Star Video Library

Towels, tissue, wipes sorbents & innovative dispensing systems including the Tool Box Dry & Wet Wipe Dispenser. Sellars is one of only two companies that make DRC wipe and have more DRC grades than any other manufacturer.  Their Seattle warehouse allows for quick shipments or will-calls at very competitive pricing.

Sellars Wipers You Tube